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Learning to Love Your Natural Hair

Our hair expert Taryn Gill is serving the tea

BY Taryn Gill

Jun 11, 2021, 02:18 PM

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Joshua McKnight
"Let’s be honest: the key factor to rising natural hair and beauty trends, both in Africa and on the global front, is the consumer’s ownership of the sheer power of her hair." Meet Taryn Gill, our resident hair expert and founder of The Perfect Hair.

The trigger driving booming sales in the naturals category is this, the consumer's mindset shifted, she started loving herself naturally, and so created a 5.5 billion dollar haircare category worldwide. How’s that for power!
Taryn Gill
Finally, this consumer of color is taking control of one of the powerful forms of self-expression, her textured, wavy, curly, coily hair. And it is just a beauty to watch. The brands that are tapping into this segment, often called the textured hair category, have to be in tune and in touch if they want to win her purse. She’s not falling for cheap tactics, although I admit everyone loves a good deal and brands love that short-term bump in sales. But this purchase is personal and close to her heart, connecting to her purpose as a consumer to stand in her power and love her natural hair. There will be no hair shaming here, gone is the insecurity and need to adapt or amend herself to someone else’s standard of beauty – she finally knows her power.
Welcome, one and all, to the ‘it’ category, where brands large and small, local and global, are going neck and neck in winning her over because we all know she’s worth it. Product offerings have gotten smarter, slicker, vegan, organic, and are pro-consumer, tailored specifically to her identified needs. This is far cry from just 10 years ago when it was all about silicones and petroleum.
Product prototypes for natural hair are way smarter now. More sophisticated ingredients make more innovative, superior natural hair treatments and styling agents. Green and sustainability credentials, multi-benefit claims of products that can multi-task, and expert color and are just some of the trends on fire now. 

As published by Cosmetics Design: “Textured hair isn’t new, but it’s getting a new sort of attention, with mainstream beauty makers deliberately moving into the textured hair space”. From the justice movement in the USA, to the proudly African, buy local sentiment running high with SA shoppers, the world has put its time and money into Black hair. From everyday media channels to the visuals and tone of social media that we ingest every day, the message is loud and clear.
And let’s be honest: it is all driven by this consumer segment of powerful women simply stepping into her power, owning her natural beauty. Finally, loving the hair she’s in.

Taryn Gill is the founder of The Perfect Hair

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