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11 Trendiest Dreadlock Styles For Women

Aren't locks beautiful?

BY Mercy Kipchilat

Mar 21, 2023, 11:04 AM

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Dreadlocks have evolved over the years from the basic large rasta locks to modern medium-to-thin locks that can be styled in a gazillion different ways to create gorgeous versatile looks. 

From fun, dramatic styles to more conservative, official styles, here are the top 11 beautiful dreadlock styles for women that you can try.

1. Side-Swept Braided Dreads.

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This is one of the simple, easy-to-maintain dreadlock styles for women and is achieved by simply braiding the locs away from the face and letting the hair fall on one side of the head. Beautiful, right?

2. The Loc Hawk.

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This hairstyle is an equivalent of a mohawk but with dreadlocks of course. 

You can achieve this style by closely shaving the sides of your head and leaving the middle with dreadlocks, both short and longer dreadlocks work well with this style.

If you have longer locs, and you don’t want to shave the sides of your head,  you can still achieve the loc hawk. The stylist will just braid your dreadlocks away from the sides of your head and “fold” the dreads in the middle of the head to create a gorgeous look.

3. Mohawk With Loopy Dreadlocks

Photo by @inspo_dreadlockstyles
You can spice up your loc hawk by carefully pulling out the folded hair in the middle to create loops.

This dreadlock style is elegantly feminine and is one of those hairstyles that you can pull off on your wedding day and look absolutely stunning.

4. Curly Coloured Dreads.

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If you love curls and colour, then you can achieve both with this style while keeping your dreadlocks intact. 

You can also achieve a modern ombre effect by playing around with dark and light shades of the colour of your choice.

5. Twisted Dreadlocks.

Photo by Bontle Modiselle
This beautiful dreadlock style for women is achieved by twisting two individual locs together into rope twists. 

The rope twists can then be styled into a bun or any other style of your choice and dreadlock accessories such as metal beads and spiral rings can be added to make it more fun.

6. Dreadlock Ponytail.

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This is by far the simplest dreadlock style for women who have long locks. You just hold your dreadlocks with a hairband, either at the middle of your head to achieve a high ponytail or lower on your head for a low ponytail.

7. High Loopy Dreadlocks Bun.

Photo by @dreadlocksstyleszone
The high dreadlocks bun is another beautiful dreadlock style for women that is also easy to achieve and maintain.

The trendy twist in the high bun right now is getting the bun in beautiful loops. You can also add some colour to your locks or hair accessories to achieve a gorgeous look. 

8. Dreaded Pigtail Buns.

Photo by @dreadlockshairstyles
For women who feel beautiful in playful, fun hairstyles, the dreaded pigtail buns is the perfect hairstyle style.

Instead of having one big high bun, the hairstyle parts the hair in the middle and creates two beautiful buns on either side of the head.

9. Half Up Half Down Dreadlocks Bun.

Photo by @dreadlocksstyleszone
This is another beautiful and simple dreadlock style for women where about half of the dreadlocks are held in a high bun while the other half dreadlocks are then twisted into rope twists which fall on the shoulders.

10. Dreaded Halo.

Photo by @Embracing Your Beauty Salon
The dreaded halo is a gorgeous, regal look that is achieved by braiding and wrapping dreadlocks around the head to achieve a halo or crown shape.

10. The Dreadlock Tower Bun.

Photo by @inspo_dreadlockstyles
The dreadlock tower bun is exactly what it sounds like, a high tower of hair made of dreadlocks. It particularly works well with extra-long dreadlocks and it’s a fun twist to the high bun which can be made more fun by adding a few bangs.