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Valentine's Day Dinner Treats For You

Let your plate overflow with... food

BY Agnes Amondi

Feb 01, 2023, 01:45 PM

Photo by

Terje Sollie
Happy New Month. It’s not just any other month. It’s February. The month of love. Do you have someone or are you solo? Does it even matter? Anyways, regardless of which side you are leaning on, we have some articles that will help you navigate February and come out winning.

Moving on but staying on Valentine’s Day, food is a major part of celebrating love and enjoying yourself. It’s the one day you want to have something out of the usual. Even the restaurant you go to will probably not be the usual, downtown eatery. You will step up a bit. 

With that, it means that the cuisines you will enjoy will probably not be local items. Not that it’s bad, I mean if that’s what you prefer then go ahead. Should you go to one of the top restaurants in town, your taste buds are bound to enjoy food from all over the world.

Some of the best foods that will make this Valentine’s Day memorable include the creamy tortellini vegetable soup. Ever heard of this? It is an Italian dish that combines pasta, soup, cheese and vegetable. I’m not the biggest fan of cheese so I’ll pass this but feel free to grab a plate.

What other dishes should I consider? Well, our friends from YAZA Nigeria made an entire list for you.