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Welcome To Broken Dishes

Otherwise known as .... no chance I am cooking tonight

BY Broken Dishes

Feb 09, 2021, 12:58 PM

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Scott Umstattd
I have kids. Kids like to eat.

I have a husband. Don't get me started.

I work here at YAZA (and I love it) and I get paid - so this column is dedicated to all of you who work all day only to get home and he is sulking.

"What's for dinner?"  

And you just want to say - 'whatever your a** is ordering from Uber Eats."

But you smile and whip some ugali or matoke up - but I want to go out. I want someone else to pour my wine, whip my potatoes and make me a coffee.

And today is Saturday!!! I really really want my husband to make me one thing tonight - reservations. But where oh where shall we go?

Your crack YAZA KENYA team to the rescue. Because not only can we tell you about hair (naturalistas unite!) or how to get your coins, now it's time to eat.

Here's what we are doing - we (because we are all writing this) are going to find the fun, best, great unexpected and unique places to eat, drink, dine and shop around Kenya.

1. We will not get paid to do this (that's what usually happens folks, the glowing review about how you can cut the steak with a fork? PAID FOR).

2. Not only are we not getting paid, but we are also paying our own way at these places. (we will be fair - we will be early for cocktails - we will be unbiased - we will be turning our receipts into accounting).

3. We do take suggestions for places to go - email us on [email protected] and in the subject line put "Broken Dishes" otherwise our intern who is more interested in the hot new guy at Nairobi Garage will not see it - I promise.

Our first column comes out next week and here's a hint - it shall be BUZZING.