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What Should You Wear To Work?

Do the rules still stand?

BY Agnes Amondi

Feb 19, 2023, 06:46 PM

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As you are thinking about going to the office, you will also be thinking about what to put on. For many people, particularly young professionals, this is increasingly becoming a question they don’t necessarily want to think about.

Today’s workplace is not as strict as it used to be. Nowadays, a certain level of flexibility is allowed. We don’t have to wear weaves or high heels or skirt suits. With this kind of allowance, what should you have in your work wardrobe?

A Black Dress

If you don't have this, please stop, or better yet, finish this article and go get yourself one. Every working woman must have a black dress. Whether you will be wearing it for a company event or just staring it hanging in your wardrobe, have it. 

A black dress is a lifesaver, any day. It can be used for any occasion. You can put it on for your daily office look and transition it to a piece you can wear when you are going out. A bit of accessorising and doing away with the blazer will get you ready for your girl's night out. 

Another thing. Putting on a dress takes half a second so you will not use a lot of time getting ready.

A Fitting Jacket

It might not be the structured blazer we grew up seeing our moms and aunties wear but you need something that you can use in a business meeting. Prioritize a long sleeve jacket with a collar, although, some that aren’t collared also work fine. Make sure it has a good length. Fashionistas advise that you take one that goes below your belt when wearing trousers.

Fitting Trousers

Get good-fitting trousers. Before I go any further, ragged jeans are not included here. I mean get full-length or even cropped trousers - they make the cut - that give you that business look vibes. Try and find high-waisted pants as they accentuate your waist length as well as that of your legs. 

Additionally, high wasted jeans can be dressed up and down. If you pair it with a white collared shirt, you can comfortably wear it to the office. If you wear it with a polo shirt, you can go to a golf event, just don’t forget the cap and if you are going out, you are good to go. There are just so many ways to make it work.


I use heels and not high heels as today, a variety of these shoes are accepted. Depending on your level of comfort, you can wear kitten heels or a pair of 6-inch heels and it works. Gone are the days when women were mandated to wear a particular type of heel. 

That said, even though you can choose to wear sneakers every day, I suggest you have a pair or two of high heels, whatever length because once in a while, we love to feel extra beautiful. There’s nothing else that can bring out your inner glam like a pair of high heels that you completely adore. 

Trench Coat

They are the in thing right now and we all love them. A trench coat that’s well-fitting gives you a polished look. 


These have evolved and come in different shapes. From stiletto boots7 and flat ones to blocked boots, it’s a matter of preference. For those who love closed shoes and find them easier to move around with, this will be your ideal office shoe. Either way, you need to own a pair of these, particularly for a rainy day when you can’t afford to wear your doll shoes. 


We wrote an article and asked if these are even necessary. I’m going to leave you with that because I am still asking myself whether handbags are necessary.