Ankara design for ladies
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Top 10 Beautiful Ankara Designs For Ladies

Every woman should have them in her closet

BY Mercy Kipchilat

May 26, 2023, 08:29 AM

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In the past few years, we have seen a major shift in the fashion industry, where designers and fashion leaders have moved away from western-inspired fashion trends and embraced the Ankara fabric to make beautiful fashion pieces that wow people.

Besides making a fashion statement, Ankara designs are also a great way of celebrating our African heritage in everyday events.

Here are the top 10 Ankara fashion designs for ladies that every woman should have in her closet.

1. Ankara Dresses With Long Slits At The Front.

Ankara dresses come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but the trendiest Ankara dress design right now is long Ankara dresses with a high slit at the front. 

This style is fun, edgy, and borders on sexy. Want to show a little bit of leg and thigh but still look decent? This is the style of rock.

2. Ankara Loose-Fitting Pant Suit.

Form-fitting Ankara pantsuits have been around for ages and we’ve all come to love them, but the truth is, they are not everybody’s piece of cake.

If you are a girl who loves a tailored loose-fitted pantsuit, then it’s time to try a pair in Ankara fabric. This Ankara design for ladies is not only comfortable and formal but also has a fun side thanks to the splash of colours and fun design of the Ankara fabric.

3. Ankara Jumpsuit

One Ankara design for ladies that is here to stay is the Ankara jumpsuit. The best thing about the Ankara jumpsuit besides the fact it will make you look snatched is that it’s a versatile outfit. You can easily transition from the office to a casual brunch or a night out by simply playing around with accessories.

4. Ankara Palazzo Pants

If you love easy, flowy and loose pants then Ankara palazzo pants are for you. Pair it up with a clean cami top for a chic comfy look.

5. Ankara Shorts

Ankara shorts are the go-to style for a casual outdoor event or a day at the beach. Pair them with a simple tee and sneakers or sandals and you are good to go.

6. Ankara Kimono

One of the trendiest Ankara designs for ladies right now is the Ankara kimono. Pair up your Ankara kimono with any outfit in your closet and bring that outfit to life.

7. Ankara Crop Top

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A cute Ankara crop top with dramatic sleeves is another must-have Ankara design for ladies that you absolutely need in your closet. Pair it with your favourite pair of jeans for that effortless, chic look.

8. Ankara Bomber Jacket

Another trendy Ankara design for ladies is the Ankara bomber jacket. Pair up your jacket with a pair of denim pants, a skirt or a dress for an easy casual look. 

9. Ankara Romper

The Ankara romper is another fun and casual wear, especially for young women on the move. Whether you are going out on a date with the girls or vacationing, you can never go wrong with an Ankara romper.

10. Ankara Swimsuit

Tired of the old plain boring monochromatic swimsuit? Step out in a colourful two-piece or a one-piece Ankara swimsuit and bring a splash of colour and fun to the beach or swimming pool.