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The Most Stylish Suits For Women

What's your go to suit?

BY Mercy Kipchilat

Mar 17, 2023, 09:24 AM

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When most of us think about suits for women, the first word that comes to mind is boring or old and that’s simply because suits have been around for ages. But not all suits are boring, at least not the current designs.

From skirt suits to pantsuits, and even shorts suits, here are some of the trendiest suits for women that you can wear and ace that interview, close that business deal, or impress potential investors

Skirt Suits For Women.

Here are some of the trendy skirt suits for women:

The Classic Skirt Suit.

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This is a traditional official skirt suit for women that we are all accustomed to and see every day. It typically consists of a knee-length pencil skirt, a blouse and a tailored blazer.

Skater Skirt Suit.

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This consists of a blazer and a skater skirt that sits at a woman’s true waist and flares out from the waistline to create a playful and feminine silhouette. 

The skater skirt can vary in length but most women prefer it at knee length, or just above the knee. 

Peplum Skirt Suit.

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A peplum skirt suit has a slightly flared piece of fabric attached to the waistline of the skirt or the bottom of the blazer, creating a feminine silhouette. The peplum skirt suit accentuates a woman’s curves while concealing the extra rolls on her waistline.

Pleated Skirt Suit.

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A pleated skirt suit has a skirt with pleats (vertical folds in the fabric) which add volume and movement to the skirt. Pleats are made by doubling the material and ironing or sewing the fold into place to form a long-lasting crease.

Pants Suits For Women.

Here are some of the pantsuit styles for women:

Pencil Pantsuit.

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This features the classic pencil trouser that is tailored to fit closely to the body and is paired up with a matching blazer. The resulting look is a polished, professional look.

Wide Leg Pantsuit.

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The wide-legged pants suit is a modern and stylish alternative to traditional pencil cut sus. It consists of tailored pants with a loose, flowing silhouette that widens from the hip down to the hemline, creating a relaxed and comfortable fit. The loose-fitting trouser is often paired with a fitted jacket. 

Tuxedo Suits For Women.

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The women's tuxedo typically consists of a tailored jacket with satin lapels and matching pants. It is often paired with a dress shirt, bow tie or necktie, and formal shoes.

The tuxedo suit for women is often worn at formal occasions like black-tie events and weddings and it is a sophisticated, stylish option for women who want to make a statement in such events.

Ankara Pantsuits.

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Ankara pantsuits are made out of the Ankara or Kitenge fabric and often come in a variety of styles from form-fitting pantsuits to loose-fitted pants suits with matching blazers.

A colourful, more playful and fun alternative to the traditional mono-coloured suits, Ankara pant suits are versatile and can be worn to various different functions, with just small changes in accessories.

Shorts Suits For Women.

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Short suits are a stylish and modern take on the more traditional skirt and pantsuits for women where tailored shorts are paired with a blazer.

The shorts are often paired with a fitting or slightly big matching jacket to create a polished and professional look or a short jacket (with a crop top underneath) to create a more chic and young look.

Additionally, the short suit can also be made out of Ankara or Kitenge fabric for that authentic African look.