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How To Style Church Kitenge Dresses And Skirts

Bringing the glam to church

BY Mercy Kipchilat

Jan 17, 2023, 01:53 PM

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The kitenge design is quickly taking over the African woman’s wardrobe and we are here for it. 

From wedding events, a fun day out, a casual day at the office, and even to the church, there is a kitenge design for every occasion, but let’s talk about church kitenge dresses and skirts first.

A church kitenge dress or skirt might be your style of choice next Sunday but do you really know how to style your outfit to look absolutely beautiful in a way that doesn’t attract nasty stares and little whispers?

Here are a few important tips to guide you in styling your church kitenge dresses and skirts.

1. Avoid High Slits And Low-cut Cleavage

While it’s not a crime to wear a kitenge dress or skirt with a high slit or a low-cut cleavage to church, most African churches are quite conservative and dressing provocatively may be frowned upon.

It is therefore wise to go for a more conservative kitenge style and keep off from extreme slits and cleavages unless, of course, you don’t mind people frowning at you throughout the service or your pastor turning the whole sermon into a lecture about dress code.

2. Pair Up Your Kitenge Dress Or Skirt With A Single Colour Shoe

Kitenges are never dull. More often than not, they burst in multiple colours and intricate patterns that draw attention. If you want your church kitenge outfit to be classy and to stand out, pair it up with a single-colour shoe to complement it. 

A shoe with an intricate pattern and colours may end up clashing with your outfit and achieving the opposite desired effect of disharmony instead of harmony. 

3. Choose Your Accessories Carefully

Your church Kitenge and skirt outfit will go well with accessories although they must be chosen with care. Since your outfit is already full of colour and pattern, you don’t want to do too much and spoil that look by over-accessorizing. 

Try to go for minimal accessories and take off one item of accessories before leaving the house. If you have a pair of earrings or a clutch bag in the same fabric as your kitenge dress or skirt, you can choose one but not both. 

4. Go For Long Flowy Gowns Or Full Skirts

After a long week of well-fitting clothes, isn't Sunday the perfect day to break the monotony and give your body a breather? 

Long flowy kitenge gowns and skirts are more in tune with the church environment as they are decent and allow you to sit however you want because well, the chances of your undergarments showing are next to none.

Additionally, they are very comfortable and you will be completely at ease and relaxed in your outfit allowing you to concentrate fully on spiritual matters. 

5. Wear A Good Fitting Kitenge Dress Or Skirt

A good fit will bring out the classiness in your outfit whereas a bad fit will even make even a good outfit look terrible. 

Just because your church kitenge dress or skirt needs to be conservative and decent doesn’t mean that it should be two sizes big. 

Make sure your tailor gets your perfect fit regardless of your design because God didn’t create those curves to be swallowed by fabric. 

6. Dress Your Figure

The first rule of thumb while buying any outfit- including church kitenge dresses and skirts is knowing your shape or figure and dressing it accordingly. 

If you are tall and slim, for example, avoid materials that have stripes or patterns running vertically because they will only enhance your height and skinniness. On the other hand, if you are in the plus size, avoid circular patterns or garments with horizontal stripes because you will come out fuller.