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Five Kenyan Fashion Brands We Love

Why they are flooding your timeline

BY Joan Thatiah

Feb 26, 2021, 06:13 PM

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From chic clothes to elegant jewellery and bags, you no longer need to look further than the local fashion scene. 

These five Local fashion brands have been a breath of fresh air.

Vivo ActiveWear

Vivo ActiveWear
If you haven't heard the name Vivo Activewear, you probably haven’t been in Nairobi very long. With their endless collection of elegant and feminine designs, Vivo seems to know exactly what the Kenyan woman wants.

What makes this fashion house stand out is the fact that it caters to all body types and particularly the plus-size woman. You do not need to do intermittent fasting or to enroll at the gym for this one. Just stroll into one of their many stores and you will find something flattering to your body. I promise.

Double Dees Kenya

Double Dees Kenya
Before Double Dees came along, full-bosomed Kenyan women had to make do with second-hand bras from Gikomba, Toi, and other open-air markets because bras found in local shops were either unflattering or too expensive. Now, all you need for a perfectly fitting bra is to check in with Double Dees.

Owned by four Kenyan women, the business began as their own selfish venture to get good bras for themselves. Then they realized that there were many other women like them and the idea took off. Today, the company labors to provide new, classy and affordable lingerie for well-endowed Kenyan women.

Yallo Leather

Yallo Leather Bags
Yallo Leather is where you will meet the bag of your dreams.

If you are looking to update your handbag and purse collection, this is where you will go. The CEO Mercy Kyalo took a leap with the Kenyan leather industry which was previously reserved for shoes and belts and has managed to create a niche for herself providing both locally made and uniquely designed fashion bags.

As if that is not authentic Enough, Mercy has opted to name her product lines after places in her native Ukambani region like Kitui, Kiluti, and Migwani.

 Oh, and they have a male bag collection too in case you are looking to gift your significant other.

Kidosho Apparel

Kidosho Apparel
Kidosho Apparel demands to be seen. The Mantra for this Kenyan fashion brand is to transform everyday wear with a hint of African print. True to their word, all their pieces are infused in colorful African patterns. It’s like adding a little bit of Friday evening to Monday morning.

Other than the amazing designs, my favorite part of Kidosho may be the story of its birth. It was born out of passion. Liz Kitua, the CEO and Creative Director quit a thriving career as a pilot to follow her passion and look! It paid off.

Style By Neomi

Neomi Nganga
Neomi Nganga’s passion is to ensure that plus-sized women are  seen as worthy human beings and then making sure they have access to clothes made for their bodies. Neomi is her own biggest fan.

It’s been five years since her fashion house Style By Neomi launched and she has been on a roll. Her passion and zeal for representing the plus-sized woman has paid off for her fashion house which now dresses A-listers like Catherine Kamau.

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