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Avoid This If You Always Want To Look Polished

Easy hacks that you can practise in your sleep

BY Agnes Amondi

Feb 02, 2023, 07:37 AM

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We invest a lot in our appearance. We nurse every little detail which is why removing the cuticles beside your fingers is even a thing. That plus the white stuff on your nails. By the way, we were led to believe that it was a sign of luck. It turns out it might be a sign that you lack some minerals.

Anyway, for all the effort you put into your appearance, if you direct your efforts in the wrong place, you might end up with an off-putting look. Sometimes, you might not even know it. I have seen women who apply makeup in a wanting manner. So bad that you are left wondering whether they looked at themselves in the mirror before they stepped out.

Some wear shoes, particularly heels, and they can barely walk in. This kind of unawareness can impact how people receive you. You want to get attention for looking good. The opposite effect just blows people off and when you talk, they are just wondering about that eyebrow that’s so exaggerated.
I’m so happy that I finally came across an article that conveyed this message in the tone and manner I’ve always wanted to do it in. This article on YAZA South Africa highlighted a couple of things that make you look untidy. 

Guess what? Too much makeup is one of them. Not just makeup but too much of it. We’ve all seen this. It’s destructing and leaves people wondering what you are hiding. Additionally, when the makeup is dramatic, again, you look more like a clown than anything else. 

Is this a call to abandon makeup? Not at all. It’s basically a warning that you should do very light and limited makeup. Enhance your beauty. Not change it. I can go on with this because I’ve seen enough to write an entire book - just kidding - but you get the point.

If you want to read about the other mistakes you make that take away from your look, find the full article here.