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7 Shoes You Must Have In Your Collection

They will always give you a competitive edge.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 12, 2023, 01:17 PM

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Every woman dreams of having a collection of shoes she can use on almost every occasion. They say that shoes can make or break a look so it’s very important for you to buy quality shoes that will compliment your wardrobe. 

To do that, we are giving you some tips on what you should add or think about getting next time you are out and about doing shoe shopping.

1. The High Heel.

We know that walking in them is an art and that doesn’t come easily. That said, a pair of nice heels will always dress up your look and bring out the best. 

Whether you are wearing a pair of jeans or khaki, high heels will elevate everything. Get a height that you are comfortable wearing. Practise walking in them and bring your fab swag out on the streets.

2. Sneakers.

There are those days you don’t just feel like putting it all together or you just want to let loose. The sneaker is here for that. It’s all about style and comfort. These days, you can pair them with your skirt or dress and still look fabulous. For your casual days out and gymming, get a pair of these.

3. Sandals.

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Till now, I’m not able to operate in sandals for reasons my feet wouldn’t divulge. Anyways, a pair of sandals will be beneficial on hot days and your feet will thank you for them. The good thing is that they work with just about any outfit, trousers, skirts or shorts.

4. Ankle Boots.

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Ankle boots can be used for just about any season. They are stylish and give you an edge. Let me just say I prefer pointed ones to boxed boots because the latter gives you an edge. It also accommodates a variety of outfits from skirts, trousers and dresses and can be used on multiple occasions. 

5. Ballet Flats.

We call them doll shoes. They are easy, fun and comfortable to walk in. You can put them on when going to the office and transition them into evening wear. Again, you can wear them with any outfit. That said, if you are attending a formal occasion, you’ll want to steer clear of ballet flats as they come across as casual. Trade them for your high heels. 

6. Loafers.

I’m not the biggest fan of these but hey! It works for you so my opinion doesn’t really matter. It swings between semi-formal and causal and pulls your outfit together.   

7. Thigh High Boots.

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These are in fashion right now and every woman is grabbing a pair. Whilst they look gorgeous on other people, I’m a bit sceptical about adding them to my collection for reasons I can’t explain. They are great for the cold season and will allow you to get away with wearing short dresses.