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7 Fashion Approved Tips To Dress Classy

Welcome to the world of elegance!

BY Agnes Amondi

May 24, 2023, 10:04 AM

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In a world where you are encouraged to wear anything you like, it can sometimes be hard to know where the boundary between being elegant and trendy lies.

So much of what we go for is about the hot, trendy stuff which more often than not turns out to be short-term wear. But if every celebrity is doing it, isn’t it the fashionable thing to put on?

Well, celebrities wear almost anything, for a multitude of reasons - they are being paid to promote a brand or are looking for clout to promote themselves. 

As such, you need to understand their motives. That said, being elegant has nothing to do with wearing shouting accessories, showing too much skin or skin-tight clothes that show every turn of your curves.

Ever heard of the phrase simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?

1. Buy Timeless Pieces.

Always bear in mind the time span of your clothes. If it’s hot and trendy, you probably won’t be wearing it in six months' time because trends are short-lived. You want to have pieces that can last you a few years and take you virtually anywhere

From the office to an evening out and even Sunday brunch. In the long run, timeless pieces will save you a lot because you won’t have to make a purchase every time something comes up.

2. Understand Your Body.

We always want to recreate a look that a celebrity has and we rarely do that with much success. The truth is, you will never look like someone else. What you need to do is understand your body and work with it.

Are you petite? Look for clothing that will elongate your legs. Are you curvy? Find pieces that will flatter that. Are you busty? Find clothing that dresses that part well without making you feel uncomfortable.

3. Go For Neutral Colours.

It always works. You will always be safe in a black, navy blue, white or grey especially if you are not the type to wear bold patterns and prints. Also, if you are not sure about how to wear them and on what occasion, stick to solid colours as you learn. Furthermore, neutrals are versatile. You can wear them for your business meetings, evenings out and cocktail occasions.

4. Be Conservative.

Kate Middleton is always the reference point for conservative dressing. During public events, she is always well-covered up yet classy. Some people think that being conservative means covering every inch of your body. 

On the contrary, it’s about balancing how much you show. A lot of stylists advise that if you are wearing a dress with cleavage, the hem should be longer, at least below the knee and vice versa. 

5. Tone Down The Accessories.

Someone said that if they can notice your accessories, you probably have too many. I agree. Accessories are meant to lift your look not overtake it. One piece of quality necklace, earrings and a clutch bag is enough when you are well put together. Avoid wearing clunky accessories that shake and produce noise. It takes away from your look and mannerisms.   

6. Make Sure Your Clothes Are Fitting.

The worst thing you can do is wear loose-fitting clothes. It makes you look unkempt. If you can’t get proper fitting clothes from thrift stores, get tailored clothing. When you buy from stores and they still aren’t fitting, visit your alterations guy. Make sure your clothes are cut to fit. 

7. Your Shoes Are Everything.

I don’t know anyone who is classy and wears bad shoes. You can put on a designer dress, and have makeup, accessories and everything else going for you but if your shoes are messy, it breaks the entire look. You can never recover from that. Go for quality heels, wear a height that you can comfortably walk in and let them complement your outfit.