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Death To The Kitenge

And other fashion trends we are over and done with.

BY Agnes Amondi

Mar 01, 2023, 09:21 AM

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Fashion is subjective. Nonetheless, there are trends we all admire but then again, there are some that are overdone. One sign of this is when everyone, and I mean everyone, looks the same.

This practice has been summarised in one phrase ‘Kenya uniform’. I am not a fan of such trends and as soon as I realise that most people are hot on a certain trend, my excitement dissipates. 

What happened to fashion diversity and uniqueness? You might not always achieve this but recognising when you need not pick a piece, for this reason, is one you will separate yourself from the lot. Anyways, enough rambling. Here are a couple of fashion trends that I think have been overdone and it's time to we dropped them.


It seems like we’ve gone back to the 90s when everything was a tad oversize. Teens and campus-going girls are the most likely to wear such clothing. Of course, the older crop will wear this but I bet the numbers will not outdo teens and campus kids.

From oversized jackets, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and everything in between, it’s just too much. This is not just happening locally. It is a global trend. The biggest celebrities everywhere have embodied this and made it a wardrobe staple. Looking like a 90s girl is fashionable now for some odd reason I am yet to understand.


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Yes! It seems like a lot of women now have ditched or are slowly ditching the high heel. 
We now live in a world of comfort - whether you are in the corporate sector, freelance or self-employment - recent trends point to relaxed workplaces. 

This means that women are not mandated to show up in high heels. This has opened the door for us to put on sneakers. This is the one fashion trend on the list I think should remain. I am a huge advocate of sneakers and we should have a say in what our feet go into.

And there is a variety to choose from - from the Jordans which I have been eyeing for a while now to Nikes, they are a perfect fit for most occasions. The good thing is that you can rock this with whatever outfit you chose. 

Nail Stickon 

They look beautiful. Don’t they? They give you a polished look and signal how much you take your appearance seriously. That said, some of them are so long that I don’t know how you work with them. I have seen people hold and use their phones in a funny way because of you of the extra length. I have never put these on but it seems like it needs a lot of patience and care, lest you break them or something happens.


Sundays in Nairobi is when all the kitenges come out. Couples with their children put on matching prints as they go to church or for a family day out. It’s so obvious and even when you don’t know the family, their clothes tell it all. 

As beautiful as Ankara is, I think it’s overdone. I have my fair share of Ankara clothes but I hardly use them because I feel suffocated by the amount of kitenge I see people wearing.

Cover Ups

I agree, they are beautiful and upgrade your look. Plus, it can add a little bit of mystery about what you’ve worn underneath plus, they are a fabulous substitute for the light sweaters we carry around on hot days.

That said, cover-ups have taken over and you can wear them in multiple settings. From your casual coffee shop dates to the beach, this piece is now a wardrobe staple. Should you get one? Of course. If it’s something you want. 

Bonus: Matching Outfits

We've seen this with our celebrities. They wear the same colours, prints and styles as part of their branding. They do photoshoots or appearances in the same way. Television anchors are also doing the same. 

Well, the coordination comes across amazingly well but when I see this every time, it looks so planned. And it is because how rarely do two people walk into the office with everything coordinated? How about people just show up in uncoordinated outfits?