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2022 Fashion Trends That Rock

Do you have these in your wardrobe?

BY Agnes Amondi

Nov 01, 2022, 08:30 AM

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Fashion comes and goes so quickly such that by the time you wear your latest, another thing has already popped up. We know you try as hard as you can to upgrade your wardrobe and stay on trend but honestly, it can be exhausting. 

That said, there are some trends that come along and stick for a while. Even when it’s faded, you can still utilize the pieces you bought whenever you want and still look fabulous. Without further ado, these have been the most prominent pieces of the year. 

1. Pallazo Pants

The office environment is becoming more relaxed which means women have more choices of clothing to put on. The arrival of the palazzo pants is giving the straight-cut and pencil trousers a run for their money. 

It’s about style and comfort and what more do people want these days than that? Palazzos have an alluring design. Some overflow all the way down and cover the feet while others hit right above the ankle.

Its loose-fitting design makes palazzo pants good to wear in any weather - hot and cold. Plus, you can use it at the office and head to a girls' night out without thinking about changing the outfit. 

Whether you are curvacious or mildly curvaceous, there’s always a pair that’ll work for you. 

2. Sandals

sandalz and shoes
It still baffles me how ladies wear sandals and spend an entire day in them especially when they’ll be walking a lot. Don’t you love your feet? Anyway, sandals are all the craze right now. 

Again, it’s about comfort and perhaps giving your feet that much-needed aeration and break from your closed shoes. Plus, during very hot days, what would you rather put on? 

Sandals come in different styles and getting them is not hard. If you walk around often, you will find someone selling them. Whether you want gladiators, boho sandals or t-strap sandals, you will find them all at the local vendor.

3. Wide-legged jeans Pinterest
Do you know what these remind me of? Hipsters. Maybe it’s the same thing with a different name? These are a classic and have been a casual wardrobe staple from the 90s and 2000s and are now making a swift comeback.

It comes with a twist - the ragged flair and some have the fluffy stuff hanging on the sides. In a time where casual wear seems to be taking over and widely accepted even in laid-back working spaces, you’ll see ladies put them on.  

4. Jumpsuits

If you want a statement piece, then the jumpsuit is it. This is a one-piece garment that comes in different designs; sleeveless, long-sleeved, pencil or wide-legged. 

Jumpsuits are flexible and can be worn on different occasions - office, girls-night-out, picnics and any other event you can think of.
Much like a dress, jumpsuits make it easy to dress up. Perhaps you’ll spend a little more time finding what you should pair it with. 

The one downside to jumpsuits is that they can be a hassle to pull down when you need to use the washroom. Plus, make sure you get one that fits well.

5. Long blazers

Blazer 254 Official
Who doesn’t have a long blazer coat in her wardrobe? These are perfect for cold weather but if you find a lighter one, you can layer it up during warm weather. 

A long blazer uplifts your look especially when you opt for casual wear. It makes you look more polished and stylish. 

If you opt for a knee-length blazer jacket, you can pair it with a dress of the same length or with a pair of high-waist skinny jeans. The contrast of the big size of the coat to the jeans gives it a great balance and makes it appealing.

6. Over-sized shirts/jackets
Do you know who comes to mind when you hear oversized shirts and jackets? Yes! It’s the Kardashians. Well, other celebrities have also done so but they certainly popularised this look.

When done well, the oversized shirts and jackets look amazing and some wear them as a stand-alone piece - like a dress. It can be accessorised with a belt and you are good to go.

If you opt to pair this with some pants, ensure the pants aren’t also baggy otherwise it will give you a dull look. 

Shot shorts also work and you can even make a bow at the top of your zipper with the shirt. Feel free to look cool.

7. Ragged jeans

This one has been around for a while and I can’t wait for the day it will fade. Yes. I am not a fan of ragged at all but if you are, what more can I say about this? Style, comfort, easy going and fun.

The downside is that I have seen people who get ragged and then take it to the tailor to have some patch work to be done which begs the question, why buy it in the first place? Or why don’t you get one that has moderate holes?

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of these, I have seen some enviable pieces but not enough to get me to buy. Perhaps one day, I will jump on the ragged train. 

What fashion trend have we missed out on or which one doesn’t deserve to be on the list?