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Business Isn't For Everyone

Matatu Chronicles: Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 13, 2021, 11:02 AM

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Entrepreneurship is the new black. It is cool and hip to run a business these days. The younger you are when you start, the better it looks on Insta!

New-age entrepreneurs are making it seem easy. All you need is a page on social media and boom! You are fashionable and successful. It’s been made to appear so easy that you can’t even complain about having had a bad day at work without having someone scold you for staying employed.

“What are you doing still being employed? Why can’t you go out there and begin a business like everyone else,” you will hear.

To be fair, running a successful business, the whole BYOB vibe can be fulfilling. The problem is that when people talk about running a business, they don’t say the whole truth.

The Whole Truth

Not too long ago, I interviewed this young man who had the perfect rags to riches story. He told me how he’d graduated from washing cars for a few hundred shillings a day in Kericho to owning a travel agency. Before running the story, I run a quick Google search only to find out that most of what had come out of his mouth was lies. While he did own the travel agency, the rags to riches story was not true and he had acquired capital by conning a string of people their hard-earned cash.

My point is that not all those stories entrepreneurs tell on TV about how they started their business are true. People exaggerate and fabricate things. Others lie about how much they are making. You know, faking it till they make it.
Quitting your job to start a business isn’t as easy as it seems.

Not Everyone Can Do It

Whether one succeeds in business or not depends on their personality. Some people aggressive and not afraid to take risks while others are mainstream and thrive better in the structured, salaried environment that employment provides.

Not all of us can be entrepreneurs. It’s time we made peace with this fact. Just because starting a small business is something that most people can do these days doesn’t mean that we should be tripping over ourselves trying to open a business. Be honest about where your strengths are.

Let’s Stop Ostracizing 

As more businesses sprout, it is becoming shameful to want to work for somebody else. People looking for employment are being looked at as unambitious.

We need to throw all these notions and assumptions out the window. One, to get the skillset and expertise that is needed to successfully run a business, you will need to work under and learn from someone else – even if for a short period. Two, even if entrepreneurship really was the answer to all of life’s problems, we can’t all be C.E.O’s.  It’s just not practical.

Let a sister look for a job in peace if she wants to.

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