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5 Reasons You Need A Side Hustle

Because you have more time than you think

BY Joan Thatiah

Jan 15, 2023, 04:01 PM

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Before the world came to a halt in 2020, the economy was struggling and companies were restructuring and downsizing left, right, and center.

Throw in the pandemic and we are living at a time when you could have a job you love in the morning and be jobless at tea break. This job insecurity is just one of the reasons a side hustle is a great idea in 2021. 

Make Things Happen Faster

There is always wonder and suspicion when a woman reaches her financial milestones faster than expected. You know, when she clears her student loans, buys a good car or heaven forbid, a house. People will be looking over her shoulder for the dirty, rich, old godfather.

A side hustle will do this for you. It will have you paying off your debt, putting down roots, and on the path to wealth creation much faster than anticipated.

Someone Else Will

So you have the perfect idea of a business you would like to start alongside your job. It keeps you awake at night. It’s what you think about when are stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the bank.

But you won’t do it. You tell yourself that you don’t have enough time yet you spend two hours on Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories every day catching up on gossip. If you keep stalling someone else will carve out some time from their day, they will execute that idea and you will be the woman going around telling people, “I had thought of that idea first.”

Wages Aren’t Growing

If you are one of the few people whose jobs are still secure, the sad reality is that wages are not growing. Not at the speed at which the cost of milk and unga is rising.

So you will be stuck in a job doing the same thing every day and hoping that the returns will be different. Well, they won’t. Before you get to a point where you start feeling stuck or your passion for your job turns to hate, start a side hustle.

You Can Turn It Into Your Passion

Few people get to do the jobs they dreamed of when they were kids or the ones they studied for at the university. We have business graduates driving Ubers and music graduates selling insurance. Things are thick.

The result of this is people who wake up every morning to do jobs they hate and then troop to bars and coffee shops in the evenings to complain about how unhappy they are. The side hustle is an opportunity to pursue that which you are passionate about on the side. For creatives stuck in 9 to 5s, a side hustle is an avenue to channel those creative avenues.

It Is Yours

Perhaps because we are a generation that was raised by parents who knew the best thing for us was to get employed, a lot of us tie our identities to our jobs. You will be at a family event or a social gathering and someone will stand to introduce themselves and they will state their job title before they even say their name.

What happens if you then lose your job? Feelings of betrayal, anger, and heartbreak. A side hustle allows you to invest your time and energy in something that is yours. Something that no one can take away from you. Something you can tie your identity to without fear of heartbreak.

Don’t become the woman five years from now wishing she had started something on the side. Stop talking about it and just do.