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Can Your Employees Talk To You?

This is why it matters

BY Agnes Amondi

May 04, 2023, 09:47 AM

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The last thing most of us want to do at work is to talk about our struggles, personal or professional. It’s largely considered unprofessional to show emotion and admit weakness which is we maintain the ‘stiff upper lip attitude.

Sometimes, this behaviour is reinforced in organisations that don’t show care towards their employees. If it’s all about performance come what may, then why would any of your employees approach you when they are going through tough times?

That said, there are other employees who aren’t comfortable opening up to anyone and will fail to use the counselling services the company offers. In this case, she should be encouraged to seek alternative help.

Why is this important, anyway? These are the benefits that your employees will derive from having counselling services at work.

Provides A Safe Space To Talk.

Employees have a lot to share about their experiences in the workplace but find it hard to communicate because of fear. You never know if what you say will come back and bite you. This is why when at times they are asked for feedback, they remain hesitant.

This is where counselling comes in. If your organisation provides good counselling services, your employees should be in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

By good service, I mean that it is a safe space where they can let loose without the fear of judgment or punishment.

It should allow them to talk freely about themselves and their work and humanise them away from the hardcore look they have to give around the office. 

Strengthens Employer-Employee Relationship.

When employees feel heard, they will always enjoy working for you. Workplaces with this kind of culture tend to have a higher rate of employee retention as they encourage them to share their mind.

There’s nothing worse than stifling your employees' thoughts. Everyone loves to have room to say what they think even if their ideas will not be taken into consideration. 

You will know that you are more or less on the right track if your employees can walk up to you and talk to you about whatever is happening.

Helps With Stress Management.

The workplace is a stressful place and the inability to debrief only adds to it. You might look at your colleague who seems unfazed about what’s going on at the office but deep inside, they may be just as worried as you. 

Having someone to talk to helps them clear out their mind and even process some information better. Bottling it up leads to unnecessary outbursts and even stoked resentment.

Employees Become Self-Aware.

Self-awareness is an important trait anywhere. It helps you know your weaknesses and strengths and thus apply yourself well.

You will know your pain points and stay away from them if possible and gravitate towards things that favour you and others as well. As a result, you will be able to read the room well and not do things that undermine you. 

Improves Productivity.

Due to all the factors we’ve talked about in the previous sections, your company will have employees who are motivated to work. There’s nothing better than that. It’s all employers' dream so you’d better get around to ensuring that you are helping them to get to this level of dedication. 

If you are an employer, how much more convincing do you need to think about counselling services for your employees? 

You might package it as something other than counselling as some people associate the words with ill health. Try a wellness program or something along those lines but then again, you know your employees better so make it something you think they’d want to be part of.