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Can You Truly Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Isn't hustling and productivity the be-all and end-all?

BY Agnes Amondi

Mar 10, 2023, 08:39 AM

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One of the biggest conundrums that we have to deal with is getting the right balance between our life and work. We spend so much time working that some of us can walk to work in our sleep but ask us to go somewhere else and we'll easily get lost. 

Work is a huge part of our routine and with the rising cost of living and the demands of everyday life, it feels like we just can’t let ourselves rest. Additionally, we are now in a period where working multiple jobs and being on the run is highly encouraged and celebrated. The hustler and productivity culture is affecting our decision-making of how much time we dedicate to work.

With the ever-changing dynamics of our lives, where do we draw the line and how do we separate ourselves from work?

Do A Job That You Love.

You’ve heard people say that when you do a job that you love you never really work a day in your life. The principle behind this is that the work you’ll be doing comes naturally to you and thus it’s not something that you have to think about. It plays a huge role in your work-life balance. 

Going to the office or even a business that you don’t love just drains the energy off you. Every minute feels like forever and by the time you are done, you feel like you can’t do anything else. This is a sign that you are in the wrong job. 

Take Your Leave Days Seriously.

Some people report feeling guilty about taking days off work. They think that it will decrease their likability and credibility as an employee. On the contrary, being mindful of the need to rest does increase your value. Well-rested employees are more productive and relate well with others than tired employees. 

Going on leave also gives you time to take in fresh perspectives on life and engage in other things that are meaningful to you. When you go back to your work, you will have missed it and rearing to go.

Switch Off… Not Your Machine But Your Brain.

It sounds easy to do but actually, it is very challenging. We literally carry our work everywhere via our phones. We have our work emails embedded in the email app, some of us use the same WhatsApp for personal and professional reasons and we have downloaded the Slack app and the messages just keep trickling in. 

How exactly can we get away from everything?

If you can, separate your work and personal phones or get two separate lines. For those who aren’t able to do this, you can avoid integrating your work email into your phone and put time limits on apps like Slack. Only allow notifications during work hours. You can also separate some work apps from those you use on a day-to-day. 

Set Clear Boundaries.

Again apps and working from home have blurred the boundaries between work and personal life. If you work from home, you might find yourself going on way past the working hours. How do you stop this?

Work only when it’s time to work. We don’t mean that you have to start exactly at eight and end exactly at five but be mindful of how much time you spend between both. You can also let your colleagues know that they shouldn’t expect you to return all if not any of their calls or write back to them past working hours. 

Leave Work At Work.

Easier said than done, right? If you are the person who spends their time outside work planning the next project or curating their work calendar, you need to stop. Constantly thinking about work and what’s coming is not a healthy practice. Instead, you can do some journaling or something else. How about just living in the moment?