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5 Habits Of Women Living Their Best Lives

Because you can’t let life get the best of you

BY Joan Thatiah

May 24, 2023, 07:19 AM

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Ask an 18-year-old girl in the streets of Nairobi what it means to live life to the fullest and she will tell you that it’s landing a job that comes with a corner office with a view, and living in a mansion in Karen with Prince Charming.

Wouldn’t life be great if this version of it were achievable? Adulting will humble you and teach you that living life to the fullest is not a constant state of euphoria.

That it’s more abstract. That it can be a comfortable life, a life doing the one thing you love even if it doesn’t pay much or even a life spent on the road travelling.

Here are habits that will help you get the most out of your life.

1. Forgive Yourself.

Have you forgiven yourself for the terrible decisions in your past? Like the five years you spent dating that man who you knew was wrong from the beginning or when you decided to have a child thinking the child would help you heal your trauma and realize that they couldn’t.

Forgive yourself. No relationship in your past is a waste of time or emotion as long as you learned something from it. Even if what you learned was how you don’t want to be loved. Your bad decisions have made you wiser and this weight you carry on your shoulders is slowing you down.

2. Create Time To Do What You Love.

In a perfect world, you would get to do the things you love all day every day. With the lemons you have been handed that have you using zero of the skills you were excited to pick up in college, it’s up to you to seek that fulfilment elsewhere.

If baking or knitting is what you enjoy doing, create some time out of your day or week to do it. This will come in handy for those days life is trying to get the best of you.

3. Steer Clear Of Toxicity.

I asked Shelmith Mukami a plus-size enthusiast, how she deals with trolls online who have nothing to say to her, and told me that she blocks them. When offline, if she walks into a room where she feels unwanted, she will not stay.

This is a solid piece of advice for a woman looking to live her life to the fullest. If the negative influence in your life is a friend, a love interest, or even a boss, cut them out. Life’s too short.

4. Try New Things.

The routine of course is important as it helps you account for every minute of your day. If you want to add some spice to your life, try working on new things into your routine every so often.

It doesn’t have to be something dramatic like packing up your bags and moving to a new city. It can be simple things like picking up a new habit like jogging or learning a new skill. Something small to look up to every day.

5. Be Grateful For The Little Things.

We are now obsessed with Social media where we spend hours every day catching up with The Mwauras. It’s natural to ignore where you are because you are obsessing about where you want to go.

Don’t. Stop and enjoy where your life is right now. Remember when you could have given a finger to be where you are now? Enjoy it.

Stress about the big things like job loss or failing health. If you are having a bad day or haven’t gotten a call back from the gorgeous guy you met on the weekend, just put on your big girl pants and wing it.

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