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5 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Because it should never be done in a huff

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 19, 2021, 10:14 AM

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You felt like the luckiest woman on earth when you landed that job three years ago but now all you can think of in the morning is when you will get to leave in the evening. You used to love Mondays but now you wish you could skip through to Friday afternoon.

You have been thinking about quitting your job. This should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Quitting your job should never be one of those things you just do in anger Before throwing caution to the wind, here are things you should first think about.

Is It Bearable?

You are fed up. You can’t do this job anymore. You just want to show your toxic boss the middle finger, go and never turn back. Wouldn’t life be great if things were that easy?

The truth is that few jobs are picture-perfect, not even influencing on social media. What you need to do before you quit yours is to be honest about how bad things really are. Is it a situation that you can handle? Is it something that would be dealt with if you escalated it to HR? Do everything you can before throwing in the towel.

Can You Afford To Quit?

If there is one thing there is to learn about life, it’s that no matter how well you plan, life always throws hoops at us. Plan for the unexpected. Before handing in that resignation letter, make sure you have enough money set aside to keep you going for some months.

The recommended duration is six months. Do you have enough cash to pay your rent, buy food ad make your car payments for the next six months? No? You might want to hold on until you do.

Consult Your Support System

Almost always, even if you are not the sole breadwinner, quitting your job will affect your support system. Quitting may mean that your partner may have to take on more work, taking on a new job may mean that you have to move houses because of distance. Don’t just dump this on your people.

Also, talking to a third party about your plans may help you see things that your bias is keeping you from.

What’s Next?

Just waking up in the morning and cutting ties with that job you’ve grown to hate and the people that come with it sounds like a plan but don’t do it. Not in this pandemic. Making plans about where you’re going next is perhaps the most important part of quitting your job.

Whether it’s an unrealistic workload or toxic colleagues, find a way to make it work until you have made plans for where to go next. It could be a new job or turning that side hustle into your full hustle. Hang in there until the plans are solid.

There may Be Disappointment

Even if you cross all your ts, there is still a chance that things will not go as planned. That new job may not be as great as it seemed on paper or that the business idea that seemed perfect, isn’t. Brace yourself for this. Be prepared to pick yourself up if the pieces scatter once again.

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