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5 Powerful Career Strategies For Women

Because they too can ace it

BY Joan Thatiah

May 10, 2021, 10:48 AM

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I came across a most candid YouTube video the other day. A sugar baby was letting in on her glamorous life. She was very open about what that life entails and the things she needs to do to keep her lifestyle.

One thing she said stood out, “Whoever invented work for women was wrong. Women are supposed to stay home and get prepared.”

Well, if wishes were horses. Today’s woman belongs in the boardroom as much as she does other rooms in her home. Here are tips to ace your career.

Own The Space

How many times have you seen a successful woman who has rightly earned her space and titles go red when complimented and then mumble something to the effect that’s not a big deal? I can’t count.

Shyness and breaking glass ceilings can’t mix. The best way to get up that ladder is to be seen and this means taking credit for your work every chance you get. As long as you can back it up, flaunt it.

Don’t Let Them Interrupt You

Because the African parent raises her son to think that he can get everything he wants out of life, when the boys grow into men, this is the attitude they take to board rooms. They believe they are important and what they have to say is more important than what everyone else has to offer. When you go with men like these to meetings, they are going to interrupt you.

Don’t let them. Put down your foot firmly and demand that they let you finish making your point. What you have to say is important.

Be Persistent

So you have been eyeing that manager position for years. Your employer has been promoting your colleagues over you and you are almost throwing in the towel. Don’t.

The difference between you getting that position or that raise and you not is how persistent you are. Keep asking in different ways. If they will not give you a raise, ask for benefits.

Find A Mentor

An experienced person in your career line will be an invaluable resource. You will be able to learn from them and more importantly, they will warn you about the hurdles to expect. We can agree that you do better in a war that you prepared for than in an ambush.

Your mentor will warn you about changes in the market before they hit you and they will urge you to keep your chin up when things get rough. You need one.

Know Yourself

Getting the air-conditioned office or remaining stuck in that position you hate will depend on how well you know yourself. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Imagine how miserable it will be if you are an outdoorsy people person who would excel at marketing but who gets stuck in the accounts office at the back.

The most important trick is going after the things you want and not waiting for someone to place a tiara on your head.

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