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YouTubers That’ll Inspire Your Femininity

Turn up the style and the charm

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 04, 2023, 08:23 PM

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A few years ago, I was on YouTube and found a few channels dedicated to teaching women about femininity. At first, I imagined it will be about makeup and so I didn't pay attention. 

For some weird reason, perhaps the YouTube algorithm was reading my mind, I kept receiving suggested content from similar channels and as anyone would, I clicked on the videos. Was it a makeup tutorial? Not at all. 

These channels cover a wide variety of topics, from feminine mannerisms to clothing and hygiene, whatever you can think of. This was the twist I wasn’t expecting and I have since watched a few more videos and know a few more channels that produce similar content. 

If you are interested in learning some feminine tips and tricks, these are some YouTube channels you should watch.

1. Fumi Desalu-Vold

I came across Fumi when I was doing research for an article about London Fashion Week. She was born in Moscow, traces her roots back to Nigeria and is married to a Norwegian man. Fumi is a model and actress and has been on some of the most popular gigs in Norway and in the United States. 

She has a lively presentation and a strong camera presence that makes her difficult to ignore. Her content is amazing. She does all kinds of makeup tutorials and talks about issues that affect women. In fact, she has a segment on her show called Sister to sister in which she dishes advice to her female fans. 

If you want to know how to walk in heels, how to dress your body and dating dos and don'ts, feel free to join Fumi nation, as she describes her loyal followers.

2. A Feminine Impression

Dr Michelle Daff speaks gently and soothingly into the microphone. She gives off a feminine vibe from that as well as from her presentation. Dr Michelle is a psychologist, at least that’s what she stated in her YouTube bio. 

A large part of her content is dedicated to black women. We’ve heard a lot of stories about how they tend to carry masculine energy as a result of growing up without fathers. She provides them with techniques of how they can soften up and operate in the feminine energy.

3. Woman Of Elegance

Most of the videos that I have watched from the Woman Of Elegance talk about appearance. She provides tips on how you should look when you are taking your kids to school - not in your pyjamas and bonnet - how you should be dressed up when heading to the airport - not in joggers and crocs please - and your overall behaviour.

Do I agree with everything? No, I don’t. Well, I am not one who can go all the way to the airport in joggers or pyjamas, but I think a laid-back outfit works. Anyways, her elegance lessons are valuable for anyone.

4. Fashionable Stepmum

We all know her. We’ve seen her on our social media and she is fab. The fact that she’s managed to give us a different perspective of a stepmother and even created a brand out of it is lovely. What is she all about?

Fashion. If you are an office girl, this should be the place you go to for some workwear advice. If you want to know how to dress for any event, again, this is the place. You have no excuse at all not to look amazing. 

5. And Many More

Well, femininity is an ever-growing genre on YouTube. These channels are bound to get lots of followers as women love to get the advice of their fellow women, particularly when it comes to their appearance. I leave this last section to you. Find more to help you look and become fab.

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