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Why You Need To Own Your Beauty

The fourth letter to my sisters

BY Pauline Katethya

May 29, 2023, 07:52 AM

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You are growing up, slowly morphing into a young beautiful woman. Soon you will realize that the world is not as beautiful as people made it look. You will meet mean and selfish people who will want to build you into someone else.

People will judge you by the colour of your skin, your shape, your weight and your kinky hair. People will make you feel as if you are not enough as you are. Don’t listen to them.

You Are Beautiful.

When this happens, I want you to remember that you are beautiful. You’re not beautiful in spite of your features, you’re beautiful because of them. I want you to know that you are not your weight, height, skin colour, or anything people use to define you. You are so much more than that. 

People will try to make you feel unworthy by trying to fix you. By trying to make you feel incomplete, but you are whole as you are. You are imperfectly perfect. You are a queen and don’t let any mean comments make you drop the crown you wear. 

Love yourself and be proud of who you are. Acne doesn’t make you any less of a human being or a woman. If you have a round or a slim face, love it. Bony cheeks, chubby cheeks, love them. 

Beauty Is Fleeting. 

Yes, you are beautiful and attractive, but don’t let that get into your head. Don’t build your identity around that. Don’t become obsessed with it. There’s much more to you than just your beauty. There is personality and character.

Part of being a woman means going through changes. Five years from now, you won’t look the same. You will lose and add weight. You might give birth and who will you become minus the beauty? 

Will you still be enough? Will you be beautiful? It’s a world that focuses more on physical beauty but don't live up to the media’s idea of beauty. Invest more in personality and integrity. And enjoy your body as it is right now. Things change. 

Take Care Of Your Body. 

There are so many things that the woman today is obsessed with. I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s your body. You can do whatever you want to do with it. If you want to draw a tattoo on your face, go ahead and do so. But whatever you do be careful.

Remember everything has a price. Don’t do things because people are doing them. Don’t try to compare yourself with other people. Don’t do liposuction because someone else looks good after they did it. You are not them. They are not you.

Love every part of your body, the good and the bad. This will keep you grounded. Exercise, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. And even as you do so, take care of your mental health. Health and wellness are important

Freedom And Makeup. 

It’s your body, it’s your face, you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to be extra, go ahead and do it. You have the right to. Let no one tell you that your lipstick is shouting or the smoky eye is too much. Do you.

It’s your world baby, run it proudly. Also, never mess with your eyebrows. I had to make up a New Year's resolution to let my eyebrows grow. So please take care of them. Don’t shave them and try to draw them back with an eye pencil or pluck them out.

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