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Women And Makeup - Leave Us Alone

Nobody can define our reality except ourselves

BY Pauline Katethya

Jan 14, 2023, 07:19 AM

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I cringe every time I hear women use makeup to attract men. Are you frigging kidding me? If the men we are talking about here are Obama or Dave Chapelle, I will bend my back for them. Find a new face and start exercising because who wouldn’t want to look sexy for Barack freaking Obama? And hey, don’t judge me, I like my men a little bit older. I hear the older they get, the finer they become. But if it’s Kenyan men I’m attracting, I’d rather shove a pencil inside my heart and twist it over and over again until everything goes black.

We Don't Deceive Men Using Makeup

I’ve heard stories of men saying they were deceived by a woman’s makeup. How? Did the makeup grab you by the hand and seduce you? And do you want to start walking with wet wipes so you can see how we really look like? first of all, we don't do makeup for you. we do it for us. Eti ooh I thought she was beautiful, but when she woke up, she looked like something a child had drawn with their left hand. 

Yes, that is what we look like. It’s not all sugar and spice and a beautiful face, no. We wake up looking as if someone raised us from the dead because there’s something about sleep that makes us uglier. Some look good with their natural faces and then there is us. It’s not our fault God made us while suffering from a terrible hangover. So give us a break if we are trying to enhance our features. 

Of Low Self-esteem 

So who the hell told men that we use makeup because we have low self-esteem or because we don’t love our faces? Okay, maybe we don’t love them, but if we use makeup to get more comfortable, isn’t that supposed to be our problem? We might hide a lot, but unfortunately, there are things makeup can’t hide. Like big lips. There are people who are remembered for their beauty or height. I am remembered by my lips. They belong to the same WhatsApp group as Diamond Platnumz.

And if I had a bad dream and woke up with shaved eyebrows is there a problem if I decide to draw them back with an eye pencil? 

At times we want to make our features pop. For some, it’s the cheekbones, or the eyebrows. It’s the eyes for me. I love my eyes. When I dress them up for a play day, I dress them really good. I draw some eyeliner and put on some sexy eyeshadow. They can make a blind man fall in love. And that makes me feel so good. You won’t even know they are faulty. Or if they look at different directions when they are looking at you. 

Why Can’t You Let Us Be?

Sadly, people are always trying to tell us what’s good and what’s not good for us. Why don’t people just let us be? Why make the rules for us? Tell us not to use dark lipsticks or bold colors because they will send the wrong impression? What if those are the ones I love? The ones I want to use? And which wrong impression will you get? That I want to get laid because I have red lipstick on? Come on? If I decide to cake my face with layers of foundation and concealer, let me be. If I stick long eyelashes that I can’t even blink, where’s the problem? Are they your eyes?

Lies Lies Lies 

My teeth hurt when I hear men say women who love makeup are not wife or girlfriend material. That they are trouble and dramatic. Good women are supposed to be modest and not attract men’s attention. Really? How is makeup related to my personality or who I am? How is it related to the ability I have to love and reciprocate in a relationship? Do we have to be so petty? So now you say you can’t marry women who don’t know how to cook and the ones who love makeup, who will you marry? Sisi ndio tuko.
So don’t tell me what I’m supposed to do with my face. No one gets to decide what's real about me. If men are repelled by dark colors. I don’t care. If they develop rashes once they see women who are bold, confident and experimental with makeup, there's nothing I can do about it. I will be extra because I want to be extra. Suit yourself and your impressions.

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