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5 Types Of Women You’ll Find In Salons

The gossipers know which shopkeeper is cheating on his wife

BY Pauline Katethya

Feb 27, 2023, 03:27 PM

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I love salons. They can get quite dramatic. There is always a baby crying because she doesn’t want to get her hair done. An unsatisfied client who doesn’t love their final look and given the chance they’d change their face. A hairdresser on a mission to scrub your scalp off because she heard it might be infested with lice. Or those who want to burn your face as they blow-dry your hair. 

Salons are never boring because there’s always something to make you laugh or annoy you. Especially the towels you can't tell whether they are dirty or discolored. Here are the types of women you’ll find in a salon.

The Gossip 

This woman knows everything. She is the Edgar Obare of the salon, serving tea to others because clearly, they have no idea what’s going on. She is like a walking cassette. From the moment she walks in, she will spew all the details from why Mama mboga closed her shop to which neighbor was caught cheating on their husband.

She knows which celebrity is bankrupt and who is dating who. You haven’t seen these stories on social media but she will claim to know a media personality who shared the juicy gossip with her. She will talk about sex, relationships, domestic workers... everything. And if you think you are spared from this gossip, she will say mean things about your acne and hair in her language assuming you are not from the same community, but you are. 

The Adviser 

She looks like a tough woman, the kind of woman who beats her man. The ones not afraid to lock their husbands out of the house when they come home late or deny them food. This woman has solutions to other women's problems. If Mama Kama’s husband is not providing food for his family, she will tell her to go to his workplace with hungry children and embarrass him in front of his colleagues and bosses. If you are having  health or financial problems, she will recommend you to a pastor and if you are not the church type, she knows a mganga, (witchdoctor) who will sort your problems. If your man is not satisfying you in bed, the medicine man will help you and if he has been cheating, the two will be caught in the act.  

The Rich Auntie

While there are women who borrow used wigs and even braids, there are those who are not afraid of spending money. The hairdressers fight to do her nails and hair because they know she leaves generous tips. She never bargains even though the price is overrated. As long as she gets to look good, the price is a non issue. She rocks expensive human hair she’ll claim she got from Brazil while she was on vacation. The rich auntie is a regular client, no one knows what she does but she is loaded. She wears Balecianga and Versace and has the latest iPhone in the market.

The Hawker 

She is a client like you but has a Ghana Must Go Bag filled with dresses, tops, skirts, panties, bras, makeup, herbal soaps and everything you need. She will convince you that her products are top-notch most of them from Dubai and you won’t regret buying from her. She will mention that most women from the area buy panties from her because they are a hundred percent cotton and don't reveal the panty line. You cannot afford not to buy anything from her. She won’t take no for an answer because she will give you a discount. 

The Complicated One

They are very choosy and demanding. They will walk into the salon with a hairstyle picture from Instagram stating they want to look like that. It doesn’t matter if their hair is not long enough for that or if it won't look good on them. They will want their feet to be handled with care because the doctor said so. They will want their heat to a certain degree because they have a medical condition. They always have complaints and are restless, receiving phone calls when their hair is getting cleaned or asking people if they have a type C charger.

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